Instructional Videos

To view a series of instructional videos on the Institutional Grammar (IG) 2.0, click on this link: IG 2.0 Instructional Videos

The IG 2.0 presents a revised specification for encoding and analyzing institutional design that responds to representational necessities and analytical opportunities within and beyond the policy studies domain. This refined specification orients around three ontologically consistent levels of increasing expressiveness, with each level of expressiveness identifying a distinctive parsing of syntactic components common across all levels: (i) IG Core; (ii) IG Extended; and (iii) IG Logico.

Below is a list of topics covered in the IG 2.0 instructional videos.

Video 1: Institutional Grammar 2.0 – Introduction

This video highlights the central motivation of IG 2.0 and provides an overview of the entire video series.

Video 2: Institutional Grammar 2.0 – Overview of Existing IG Research

This video provides an overview of existing IG research and discusses how the IG 2.0 builds on this research.

Video 3: Institutional Grammar 2.0 – Toward a Semantic Perspective on Institutional Statements

This video highlights central challenges in the encoding of institutional statements and motivates the shift to a semantic perspective on text coded in terms of institutional statements.

Video 4: Institutional Grammar 2.0 – Levels of Expressiveness

This video provides an overview of the varying levels of expressiveness introduced as part of IG 2.0.

Video 5: Institutional Grammar 2.0 – IG Core

This video introduces the base level of expressiveness, IG Core, in detail. This levels includes a refinement of the elementary syntactic components of the original IG.

Video 6: Institutional Grammar 2.0 – IG Extended

This video introduces the second level of expressiveness, IG Extended, in detail. This level is primarily concerned with representing richer structural and contextual information in institutional statements.

Video 7: Institutional Grammar 2.0 – IG Logico

This video covers the strongest level of expressiveness, IG Logico. This level focuses on additional semantic annotations of institutional statement components.

Video 8: Institutional Grammar 2.0 – Constitutive Syntax

This video provides an overview of a constitutive statement syntax that embeds in the IG 2.0.

Video 9: Institutional Grammar 2.0 – Constitutive Syntax (Advanced Features & Levels of Expressiveness)

This video provides an overview of coding constitutive statements by levels of expressiveness.

Video 10: Institutional Grammar 2.0 – Level Configurations

This video discusses how analysts can customize IG 2.0 coding to accommodate diverse analytical perspectives.