Text Analytics Lab

Lab Objectives:

The IGRI Text Analytics Lab is designed around the following three objectives:

  • Offer students, postdocs, and faculty from different academic institutions an opportunity to engage in research projects involving computational and manual text analysis of institutional (e.g., policy) texts. Research projects involve the use of a diverse array of existing text analysis tools, such as MaxQDA and R, as well as specialized software that is being developed by IGRI personnel for text annotation and automated policy coding.
  • Provide students and postdocs with an opportunity to engage in the research and development and/or testing of software developed by IGRI personnel and others, following commons-based peer production principles.
  • Host training in conducting computational and/or manual text analysis using different text analysis tools.

Upcoming Text Analysis Training Sessions:

Please check back for details about upcoming trainings.


IGRI offers internships to students interested in working in the Text Analytics Lab. Students have the opportunity to intern under the Director and/or Affiliates of the IGRI. These internships can be conducted in-person or remotely. For a list of current interns, please see the IGRI Personnel page. For more information about becoming an intern, please contact Saba Siddiki at ssiddiki@syr.edu or Ute Brady at ubbrady@syr.edu.

Lab Manager:

Dr. Ute Brady
Postdoctoral Scholar
Center for Policy Research
Syracuse University
Email: ubbrady@syr.edu