Computational Text Analysis

Institutional Grammar Research Initiative (IGRI) affiliates are engaged in research focusing on the development and application of computational text analysis and supervised machine learning approaches for evaluating institutions based on the Institutional Grammar.

Below is a list of projects relating to this research theme currently being pursued by IGRI affiliates.

Project Title: Machine Coding with the Grammar of Institutions

Project Description: Applying the Grammar of Institutions in a particular research setting is resource- and time-intensive, precipitating concerns over whether it might ever enjoy widespread use. To address this, a team of scholars is working on an automated approach, and related tool, for coding institutions based on the Grammar built on work from computational linguistics and natural language processing. The team will employ and validate the automated tool across a series of regulations, then develop a research agenda around the utility of computational text analysis for the application and study of the Grammar of Institutions.

Project Team: Douglas Rice, Saba Siddiki, Seth Frey, Hyoung Keun (Jay) Kwon

Funding Sources: UMass Amherst Institute for Social Science Research (ISSR) Sustainability Seed Grant, Syracuse University Collaboration for Unprecedented and Excellence (CUSE) Grant